The Occupants - Hindsight

Drums Only Video Link Submission

Drum Transcript & Drumless Version

Download "Hindsight" Drum Transcript PDF and Drumless MP3 here

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1. Download the transcript and drumless version from above.
2. Learn the song as well as you can (doesn't have to be exactly as written)
3. Film and record yourself playing along to Hindsight (1080p if possible)
4. Upload your video JUST DRUMS to Dropbox, Google drive or YouTube (unlisted) etc.
5. Send me that video by copying and pasting the link into the last submission box on the left.
6. Include the other details in the submission entry (name, age, where you live, etc).
7. Once I have all the submitted videos and downloaded them myself, I will put together the compilation video of everyone's entry.

*You are also welcome to upload a drum cover to your own channel with the song
**Don't worry if you don't have access to a proper recording studio, mics and cameras etc. Film your cover as best you can and it should be good enough for the submission. Electronic kits will also be accepted. I will let you know if the quality isn't good enough and hopefully we can get a better version together.