Troy Wright exclusively plays and endorses:


Pearl Drums:

Pearl Reference Series Drums in Granite Sparkle finish:
22 x 18 Kick (6 inner ply Mahogany, 2 outer ply Maple)
14 x 6.5 Snare (6 inner ply Birch, 14 outer ply Maple)
12 x 8 Tom (6 ply Maple)
14 x 14 Floor (4 inner ply Mahogany, 4 outer ply Maple)
16 x 16 Floor (6 inner ply Mahogany, 2 outer ply Maple)

Pedals (Demon Chain Drive P3002C Double Pedal):
Setup: Short or Long board, tight spring tension, stock settings, quad beaters.
Stack: CH-1000, AX-25's adapters and other various Pearl 1000 series hardware

Sabian Cymbals:

(Left to Right)
15″ Artisan Hats
20" Artisan Crash
8" AA China Splash
10″ HHX Evolution Splash or 10" HH Duo Splash
19″ Paragon China under 18″ Ozone Crash (stack)
20″ HHX X-treme Crash or HHX Legacy Ride
22″ HHX Legacy Heavy Ride
19″ Paragon China

Remo Skins:

Kick: Powerstroke 3
Snare: Controlled Sound Coated/Clear
Toms (tops): Clear Emperors/Pinstripes
Toms (bottoms): Clear Ambassadors

Vic Firth Sticks:

Length: 16 1/4”
Diameter: .620”

Shure Microphones:

Kick: BETA 52 (out), BETA 91/A (in) Solomon Mic LoFreQ Subkick (out)
Snare: SM-57 (top and bottom)
Toms: BETA 98D/S
Over Heads: SM-81
Hi Hat: KSM137
Ride: KSM137

Hardcase Cases:

22″ Bass Drum – HN22B
14″ Snare Drum – HN14S
12″ Tom – HN12T
14″ Floor Tom – HN14FT
16″ Floor Tom – HN16FT
22″ Kit Cymbal 9 – HN9CYM22

Miscellaneous - Software, other equipment:

Shure Microphones, Presonus 16.0.2 Studio/Live Console
Protools 10, Final Cut X, Sibelius 6,
Macbook Pro, KRK Rokit 6′s
Shure e5′s
Nikon 5100, GoPro 3, Canon Legria HFM31 (foot cam)