Picking the right China cymbal 

When picking a china cymbal for your setup, you have to keep in mind what cymbals/sounds you already have and what are the purposes of using it. For example, you may want a china for hitting on single accents? or riding on? or destroying everyone on stage? or even for the greedy all 3 reasons? (all 3 would equal a versatile guitarist hating cymbal)
The China's I have played and regularly use are:
19" Paragon China
19 and 21" AA Holy China
17”, 19" and 21” AAX X-Treme China.

Qualities and thoughts of…Read more


When it comes to a company or brand endorsing an artist, there are varying levels of endorsement. These may include an A, B or C grade endorsement or half or full endorsements etc. Some artists even get paid for using and playing certain equipment and brands. For most up and coming musicians however it's a different story. Before you approach any company, make sure you're ready to purchase new gear and be prepared to get knocked back... you rarely get anything for free and companies don’t just hand out…Read more

Producing a Drum Cover 

In this Blog I explain the process of everything involved in making a drum cover for YouTube, from the very first step of deciding a piece to the final stage of uploading it to YouTube.
The first step in producing a drum cover is obviously choosing a song. I like to play music that has challenging and interesting drum parts. Once I’ve decided on a song to cover, I transcribe the drum part out note for note in a music writing software program called Sibelius. This is the quickest…Read more